My sponsors and suppliers
supplier of neodymium magnets<%=chr(13)%>(used in the Ultra Light Wheel) click to see<%=chr(13)%>the magnets supplier of a<%=chr(13)%>magna probe click to see<%=chr(13)%>the magna probe supplier of ferrite magnets<%=chr(13)%>(used in the Big Wheel) click to see<%=chr(13)%>a magnet
sponsor of the magnetic<%=chr(13)%>simulation program click to see<%=chr(13)%>a screenshot powering this website supplier of the wooden frame<%=chr(13)%>(used in the Big Wheel) click to see<%=chr(13)%>the frame

sponsor of a<%=chr(13)%>magna-viewer click to see<%=chr(13)%>the viewer
sponsor/supplier of the SON<%=chr(13)%>hub dynamo click to see<%=chr(13)%>a the dynamo Java applet in 'Draw by free hand'
suplier of the<%=chr(13)%>Bowman device gears supplier of stainless steel<%=chr(13)%>shafts, nuts etc. supplier of the<%=chr(13)%>Bowman bearings'
suplier of the<%=chr(13)%>Bowman rotor magnets supplier of the<%=chr(13)%>guestbook software